If you ever get the fortune to read a good TR from PKI concerning OL:FoF about the new OTSR you may need what this has to offer: relief. Roller coaster enthusiasts discuss certain topics so extensively and have such long terms to type out, or even say, that they will constantly use well-accepted abbreviations. I have all but cut out certain phrases from my vocabulary such as Cedar Point (now CP), Six Flags Magic Mountain (now SFMM), and especially over the shoulder restraints (OTSR). So with a little help from this index of abbreviations you can know that what you read was a Trip Report (TR) from Paramount’s Kings Island (PKI) concerning Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (OL:FoF) about the new OTSR (over the shoulder restraint).

If you have written or know of a node that this index should be linked to please /msg me ASAP and I will update. Furthermore, there are many links that are without nodes that either I will eventually fill or I expect someone to fill. Resources include seemingly infinite discussions and FAQs on rec.roller-coasters as well as interactions with other roller coaster enthusiasts.