Today was the day for me. I have been out of college for awhile now with my teaching license needing a job. Substitute teaching just does not pay the bills. After numerous interviews and the "you were our second choice" pats on the backs, I finally was offered a temp position teaching 3rd grade. I know for many that seems so small a deal but in the scheme of my life this is a huge step. Teaching is my passion, well that and roller coasters for those that read my nodes ;) After jumping through all of the hoops this state likes to put out for teachers, besides poor pay, I still am without a full time position... yet. The gears of The State are weak. It takes 12-16 weeks to get a teaching license processed. What is up there? That feels so wrong. You graduate after all of that work and still are put in a holding pattern. At any rate: This day will sit in my personal history as significant as a major progress in my career which means so much to me.