My open letter to men and women in relationships (either dating or married)

Gents: Do you have friends? This is not sarcasm, I ask of you: Do you have friends? Do you realize when you get so infatuated with your significant other you enter this tunnel vision? And gentlemen, you know I'm not speaking to all of you but if you don't know who I'm talking to, then try to see if it's you. This tunnel vision causes you to walk through life focused on seeing that one S.O. every waking moment. Do you know they can breathe on their own? I'm concerned you don't. I really am. Do you have object permanence? You do know that just because you can't see them they still exist right?

Ladies: Do you know your S.O. has friends? I know you know you have friends, but did you know he used to too? They are not dry land... they are far from myth. You realize when you spend that 25th night in a row needing to see him for that brief period that he is still leaving friends out to dry? I do not blame you ladies; most don't realize it, as is my experience. You know how you value your friends? How you feel like you need them just as bad as you need your S.O.? He craps on that for you. I know, I know, you never asked him to, but somehow he's convinced you cease to exist when he wants to spend a Friday night with the guys. Look, cut him some slack; lay off the guilt trips, or whatever it is that makes him have co-dependence with you.

I call it an open letter. Feel free to reply. Don't expect magical "oh wow, you are so right" from me, because odds are it won't happen. I'm jaded. Deal with it. I do.