Everything In 5 (3 sir), 3 Questions

Here’s the situation. I have possibly secured (go go gadget oxymoron) a job in public relations that would put me next to various celebrities from time to time mainly from the music industry. My thought, as I have ran it passed others in the Land of E2, is to create a standard set of 3 or 5 questions to ask these celebs. Then I would post their answers in their named nodes and hopefully start getting a nice collection of the Everything Questions as answered by…. Whomever.

So, what I need from you, the infinitely wise and ceaselessly opinionated, is a title for the question list and what questions I (being a representative of “we”) should ask. The deceptively easiest way to do this would be for the masses to simply drop me a message and I can sort through them and talk over some ideas with those who seem overly enthusiastic (or feign it well). I’ll give it a few days to amass because I may have to start asking these soon. Remember: The idea is a collection of questions that are generic enough to ask anyone but still personify creativity and uniqueness. I look forward to a shockingly full inbox (or the inverse, whichever I’ll be looking forward to it).

Yes, this is an odd place for this but after much conversation with the powers that be this was decided one of the better places to drop this odd piece of whatever the hell it is