It’s a question of priorities

You never know what you really want in life, at least I don’t. You get that “I know what I wanna do” feeling but it’s never permanent. Hopefully that can be attributed to progress. My priority in my life is teaching. At this moment in time I love teaching and my students. This is not to say I ignore the rest of my life but with so much energy spent on teaching and working with my students I have little to nothing left. It simply becomes a question of priorities.

It’s a question of desires

I want to be successful, sure we all do. But what we want to be successful at is where we have our variations. Our desire for a level of success places us on different turfs. I want to be a successful writer. I want to be a successful friend. I want to be a successful teacher. A glance at my priorities and my desire is obviously placed into one of these in an extreme.

It’s a question of abilities

I have the ability to do so much. I have seen this. I have the ability to multitask in my life as well. I have found, however, there is a limit to everything and I have reached the end of my rope, at least at this point in my life. It’s not admitting defeat: it’s admitting where my abilities are. What in the hell am I getting at? I have not been writing and being the best friend I can because of so much diverted abilities and time to teaching and my students. My ability is in that realm. So to all of my friends and family on E2: I’m not gone, I’m just on a break. Once I have a better knack on efficiency in teaching and working for my students I promise to spend more time back with E2. I’m sure most, if not all of you understand. That or you don’t care sarcasm.

Either way it may be: it’s a question of when I will return, not if.