As a proud Canadian citizen I must say that I was absolutely appalled by the actions of some of the 22,000 or so fans at the Palace at Auburn Hills last night. For those who are not aware, these Detroit Piston fans openly booed during the playing of O' Canada at the beginning of the Raptors/Pistons matchup in the NBA Playoffs.

I completely understand the booing of a team or player, especially in the playoffs, but to boo the national anthem of a country is absolutely appalling. These actions are incredibly offensive to all Canadians, and simply show the lack of respect and class that many Americans have. I can't help but wonder the complete media outcry that would occur in the USA if the Raptors fans were to boo the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. And now I hope that this happens in Game 3 of the series in order to bring light to this issue.

Now I understand that the majority of Americans would not even consider partaking in such an action but there are a select few who have absolutely no respect for Canada, or any other country for that matter. Actions like the alleged defacement of the Canadian flag in the dressing room of the US Olympic Woman's hockey team simply prove this fact time after time. If this is the way they treat their friends, I feel really sorry for their enemies.