A region of North Africa, on the Mediterranean coast, currently forming part of the Islamic Republic of Libya.
Tripolitania was initially settled by the Phoenicians, that estabilished three colonies; Leptis Magna (currently Lebdah), Oea (nowadays Tripoli) and Sabratha.
After Carthage fell to the expansionistic Roman drive, Tripolitania fell into Roman hands, as part of a province.
The area changed hands in the Vulgar era, being succesively subject to the Vandals, the Byzantine Greeks, various Arab and Berber rulers, Spain, the Ottoman Turks and finally the Italians (together with Cyrenaica and the Fezzan).
Violent armored fighting took place in the area during World War II - after the war Italy lost all its colonies, and Tripolitania became part of the Kingdom of Libya in 1951.