I was sitting on the terrace outside my apartment, and it was a very pleasant and warm spring evening. Everything was very quiet; I was reading "Holy Fire" and enjoying the last of the Easter weekend.
Very close to me there was a laundry cage: this is a chicken wire enclosure, built like a large box, where you can hang your stuff to dry without fearing that someone may steal your underpants.

The cage at the moment was empty, and its door ajar. A couple of hummingbird arrived and did some complex maneuvers - and one elected to enter the cage through the partially open door.
The hummingbird inspected the interior of the cage doing its typical hover - zip - hover routine.
And I started to worry. I thought that I would have to open the door completely, and maybe chase it out. You know how it is with birds, they can bang themselves to death against a glass pane, or simply go insane and bounce from wall to ceiling.
The idea of the tiny, terribly cute hummingbird trapped in this stupid, clumsy laundry cage disturbed me.

But, just as I was about to stand up and open the door, the hummingbird decided that it was bored with the cage and simply flew out through a wall. Hummingbird are quite small, in this case smaller than the chickenwire mesh size.
I started laughing, and I laughed for a good minute. There I was, all worried for the stupid bird, ready to bestir myself and be a Good Samaritan, and there had never been any problem at all. It was all inside my head.

After this small moment of light I thought "This is going to be my secret, I will never tell anyone, this will sustain me in adversities: the hummingbird flew out through the wall".
And then I realized that if I didn't tell anyone I was sure to forget about it.