Aaaah ... a daylog after so long. Many things have happened in the meanwhile.

I know that absolutely everybody was waiting with bated breath for news from the Project Goosefood, the ill-starred, poorly-conceived, doomed-from-inception silly portal idea I am working on (I figure that I can safely tell that it is a portal: after all, it is not as if Internet portals were such fscking hot news, despite what the consultants from Ivan Greene tell us).
Well, you can unbate your breath now, dear people. The Goosefood abomination is here to stay, at least for three weeks more. It was reviewed by the Really Important Man. He knows absolutely squat about the Internet, computers or technology in general. He has stupid advisors that know a bit more than him (in the same sense that 10-8 is a bit more than zero) , and spew profound sounding advice based on what they read in the last issue of PCWeek Hispano.

We, the unfortunate devos, got very helpful advice from the Ivan Greene people, like that they really would like a three pixel white border all around the page, and that the colors did not exactly match their spec. As if WWW browsers gave a fuck about colors. As if users had good monitors.
We will have another review in three weeks, with the Really Important Man, the Big Kahuna, the Lesser Kahuna, yours truly, the Ivan Greene people, Miss Nice (the real victim of this project). Blame will be exchanged. More Mexican Democracy in action. I have lost motivation over the Project Goosefood, and in fact I will probably start to refer to it as the Goosefuck Project, and, dear reader, I feel that old ingrown-feathers rash on my arms and back, real bad now.

Oh, and we are moving equipment. A really lovely move, complete with organizing and actually building a new computing site, complete with autonomous power plant, microwave link, big honkin' UPS, rack, blinkenlights, raised floor, AC ... the works. And in less than two months !.

Enough with Work !!!: anyway, we will all be fired on December 31st, when the money ends.

Which means that I am looking for a job, BTW.

Anyway, the trip to the Italian motherland was good, albeit short. Two weeks is not enough to get reconnected to all the people you missed for almost two years.
My father retired, which was a brilliant idea, and is ever more into antiques and watch repair (horologery).
My sister decided for some vague university studies in the town of Parma, something about the conservation of historical heritage. I only hope that she will eventually be able to pay her rent.
My parents are planning to move to Milano, which is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a place for retirees. But after fifteen years in the sticks, in the woodless neck of the woods, in the company of yokels and bumpkins, they definitely crave a city with theatres and libraries and bookshops and things to entertain you and make you think.

What else ? Books. Books keep me sane. Tristes Tropiques, a book by Piero Citati about Romanticism. I reread a book about the Manzanar concentration camp for American citizens of Japanese orign. And a good book by Bruce Chatwin: What am I doing here ? (a question I would do well to ask myself every now and then).

My SO and I are debating leaving Mexico City for somewhere healthier and saner. Who knows. It all depends on getting a good job there.