Today I woke up very early, and started packing and organizing things much like a hamster on acid would organize the seeds in his little bowl and the lettuce in his cage.
All this in the mistaken assumption that Miss Nice would be swinging by at 0800 to pick up some of her stuff. You see, I live in Miss Nice's former apartment, that she has been kind enough to lend to me. Now that I am leaving, the lease terminates and she is getting back her furniture.
Anyway, I called her at 0830, and it turned out that she would indeed swing by but at at 8 PM, not 8 AM. Good thing I did not wake her up.

This sort of things happen when you try to leave a job on Thursday and then make an intercontinental move on Saturday. Maybe it was not a very clever idea. We will see.
Today at work, slackery. I am rapidly transferring all my duties and hated responsabilities to the capable mibarra. I hope being a boss does not grind him down. I was ground down, quite a bit.

I am looking forward to being back in Italy and reorganizing my life and environment. Right now, I can't even make myself a cup of coffee.

... I am so confused these days that I originally posted this under April 29! Silly baffo!


All my nukes and edits and things for this month are in Editor Log: May 2001