Today it was intense dedicated slacking. Discussions with my henchmen, both of them. The new site is coming along nicely, recently the problem of installing the 1000 pound UPS was solved by the simple method of taking it apart and carrying each piece separately. Divide et Impera.
Major editorial activity, reported in my Editor Log: March 2001 ever-growing writeup. Moderate noding.
I got myself a bizarre piece of hardware: a Discman that also plays MP3s (it understands ISO9660) and VCDs (I have never seen one) - it is purely a geek toy, but it seems to work.

Bookwise, I am stuck in Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus, which is slow reading and not as amusing as the theme might lead one to believe.
Today I visited an old page of mine about LambdaMOO: I tried about 10 links, and they were all broken. Servers disappeared, people graduated, pages were deleted ... this is disturbing. This stuff was there four years ago. It is now clear that four years is a whole lot of time on the Internet.

Tonight is cat day: I will now piffle off to feed Miss Nice's cat. My duty awaits.