Insanity abounds. Now that I am boss, I feel the pain of management in my soul. My people want more money, more machines, more office space. Other colleagues try to creep into my resources, despite my vigorous repulse.
No longer immersed in techie matters, barely time enough to read a spec and take a decision.
Every morning I check if my hair is becoming pointy. I am submerged by paper, both from the Long Haul division and the Goosefood project.
That one, dudes, is a goner. People higher up are expecting a demo as of 30 June. I have a fragmented team, and hardware scattered in a 40 kilometer radius. I have a pissed-off ex-project manager that is maintining big fucking dotted lines to the people that are supposed to be my people (the Evil Doctor Foo). I have hardware that I have not chosen, and software that I don't like.

From this unappetizing mix, we will either get: a big hit, with many war stories. Or, a good reason to emigrate, in fact to re-emigrate somewhere more reasonable.
Oh, and did I mention that all this happens in a Mexican democracy environment ?

Maybe I should have been a diplomat, or a lumberjack.