Today I got at work a bit later than usual: normally I consider midday the barrier of lateness (of course, this is in normal days: when demo mode is on, my workday is 0800 to 2200+).
I have slacked away yesterday, and Monday too. My productivity is crashing, but since nobody has complained yet, I think I will just read one more Slashdot article ...

Watched Titan AE list night. I admit that I liked it, and more surprisingly my SO liked it too.
I am definitely going to Italy in the last week of September plus the first week of October. I would have preferred three weeks, but no such luck.

In an entirely Dilbertesque move, the Big Kahuna has chosen to bless the Goosefood Project with, guess what, outside consultants. True to commonplace, they came in, said that we sucked, claimed that we needed a firewall (the claim came from a graphic designer ...), asked us if we had any Web design experience and left.
I had to restrain myself from physical violence, and from shouting "I don't know about you, but my first web page is from 1994. I have run Mosaic. How many RFCs have you read, oh-so-brilliant Wired-reading, Windows-using, expensive DOLT ?".
Yesterday one of our WAN links died, upstream. Countless emails saying "baffo, baffo, we cannot access our mission critical server ! It must be down !". They still do not understand that, even if it is just 30 kilometers away, networkologically speaking it is 18 hops (and about 1500 milliseconds) away, routed through Miami. So if the net goes down, the server may be fine but it certainly is unreachable.

What else ... I am quite satisfied about my french maids writeup. I am not satisfied about the continuing presence of drill demons in the building. I have switched window manager, from Enlightenment to SawFish (aka Sawmill). The weather is fine, as always here. My SO lives in anguish, for various and bizarre reasons. I am reading a biography of Ezra Pound, and an essay on T.S. Elliot. There are some noders I would like to meet in person, but who knows if it will ever happen.