Today very low productivity, both node-wise and at work. Mostly vacant reading. In the morning, I met the firstborn (and newborn) son of my pseudo-brother in law.
As it happens when you meet with someone that is 3 days old, and the product of a Caesarean, it was about as interesting as meeting a pink stone. I like children, but only when they enter Cub Scout age. Before that I can't communicate.

The drill demons are still at work in the building. We are told that it is for the greater good. I think that it is just a way to drive us insane.

Jobwise, tomorrow there is a terribly important meeting with the Big Kahuna and the Gold Troll. We will have to convince them both that Project Goosefood requires either to be killed and buried or heavily financed.
The current half-assery will get nowhere.

Outside that, long deep discussions with my SO. The emigré condition is beginning to bug me seriously. Homesickness, sentimental desires for stupid Italian music. I will probably get all of two weeks vacation in Italy in September.

I am still wavering between the relationship crash state of mind, and a sort of blissful indifference (not very healthy).

And of course, they fire all of us in December, and we already know that. And since we are independent *chuckle snort laugh* contractors ... no bonus, no severance.
Actually we get two things: jack and shit.

Besides that, it is very late, it is night outside, I am tired, I am hungry and I feel vaguely dissatisfied, although it is difficult to say exactly at what.

The Geek Note: today I read about new Palm Pilot models. I was afraid that the new models would make me feel bad about my Palm Vx, currently the sweetest model. It turns out that they are not so hot after all ... an entry level one and an expanded Palm VII, not so interesting.
Nothing sucks like buying the top-of-the-line and then having it obsoleted after one month of use.