Haven't daylogged in loooong time, but today really deserves it. I have escaped from the 35 degrees of the hot Italian plains, and went to the Alps, in a place called Passo Tonale.

I had not been here in a couple of years, it is essentialy a tourist place on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, close to the Adamello mountain group. And today I had a glorious half-day hike, to the top of Monte Serodine. From its 2700 meters there is a glorious view of the pass, the two glaciers (Presena and Pisgana), the Presanella peak and I suspect even a tiny peek of mount Vioz.

Since I hadn't walked in mountains for a long time, I was surprised that I could make it ... 900 meters ascent is quite a lot (for me). I did it at a leisurely pace, actually at the end the pace was really enforced by the shortness of breath. I saw many remains of trenches from WWI and found some relics; a rusty clip from a Mannlicher rifle, the bottom of a cannon shell and (rare indeed) a flask.

It is impressive how, after nearly a century, there are still so many visible marks of the war. Barbed wire, shrapnel balls... erosion brings it to the surface every year. I also saw one fox and approximately one thousand very loud marmots. Most comic looking rodent in the world.

Another peculiar thing was having a cellphone on me while hiking. It felt strange, but on the whole less lonely than without - I am not sure if it is a good thing or not.