Yesterday I did not write a daylog because the day was so fucked up that I did not have the time to (enjoy the postposted preposition, entirely legal in English, entirely bizarre to me).

Anyway, yesterday I arrived at the job and before I could settle in my directorial swivel chair the Lesser Kahuna said "Where have you been you lazy bum, what do you mean you get here at midday, why don't you keep more decent hours, there are people waiting for you !!!"
I said that it was not on my agenda, but it made no difference. I had to endure a meeting, the first of the four that filled my afternoon wall to wall.

So, meetings:

  1. nice but dumb people that want me to help them out of the hole they have fallen into.
    Plan: help out of shitpit. Pat backs.
  2. apparently nice, very professional people inflicted on us by the Big Kahuna for no clear reason.
    Plan: contain and control. Reduce damage.
  3. massively professional people from a large US corporate entity, that got here 40 minutes late, which forced me to merge their presentation with the following
  4. staff meeting ! my good people from the Goosefood Project. This was the most useful meeting.

When I managed to get to my office I had exactly 10 minutes before being late for a very importante date with my SO (something which would have meant a violent and painful volley of recrimination).
There were 17 messages on the accursed answering-machine-mega-phone-of-doom, and 120 new email messages waiting for me and humming to themselves.
At least it seemed as if they were humming. Everything was given cursory attention and more pats on the back.

The following day, that is, today, the 13th of July, more insanity as a demo for the Really Very Big Cheese was hastily lashed together in the form of printed-out web pages and a whole site-on-a-CD, loaded on a portable machine.
The Long Haul division was dedicated today to feeding high quality paper into the color Tektronix printer. Really high tech at times.
So tomorrow morning at about 0930 the said large milk product decides on the future of Project Goosefood.

Now it is 21:40, I am late for nearly everything and there is a growing pile of paper on my desk. I need a secretary or a paper shredder. Maybe both.
Ah, today, more haste as some Important Visitor from Abroad arrived. I rushed to give a presentation, only to realize that my subject (and the time allotted) had been used up by the Polynose, an amusing character about which I will tell you one day.
What else ... my visa is expiring. I certainly hope that the legendarily inefficient legal department will take care of that. Anyway, at this point deportation starts looking really good.

Back at home I have about ... 1600 slides, waiting to be selected, sorted and filed.

Nonetheless, there is happiness in my life ! ideath said that I could publicly smooch her in the chatterbox ! and the dildo chair writeup was appreciated ! in time it may even become one of the Everything obsessions, like lesbians, monkeys and soy. Well, I like to dream, OK ?