Today I translated my curriculum vitae to English. I did this first five years ago, and that landed me in romantic Pittsburgh, PA. What will the consequences be this time ?
My relationship is floundering. I would like to do a brilliant self-analysis about this, but unfortunately I really suck at self-analysis. I also suck at analyzing other people. On the other hand, I write really good awk code, if there is such a thing.
I am thinking with desire about Austin, TX. Is this stupid ? Probably.
I realize that I am entering again the denied-withdrawal phase, in which I make up all kinds of excuses and stories that allow me to withdraw into my shell - and at the same time pretend that everything is just dandy -. One trick I have now identified is to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, being really thorough about brushing my teeth. Anything, ANYTHING to avoid talking.
Let us see what the night brings. I would prefer to be thinking about photography and learning SQL, and instead here I am doing the very thing at which I suck most: relationships, love. Bleah.

On the sunny side, I am reading Love in the time of Cholera, which is really good. Literature saves the day, or at least some minutes of it !