Today was a relaxing day. Actually, I fretted a lot and almost raged impotently, but nonetheless it was a relaxing day.
Or at least as relaxing as it may be in the situation.

The Situation


Still don't know if I am going to have a job in January. Nobody else knows, either, and misery loves company. So we are all very chummy.
The ones that come to work, that is. A lot of people simply declared an early Christmas, starting with yesterday's Virgen de Guadalupe holiday. I predict that Christmas will stretch well into January, probably up to the 15th.
There is no money, so I can't buy anything: even toner or pens are beyond the means of the Institute for now.
As soon as money gets in, in January, we will stupidly spend all of it, of course.

A typical situation at work. I tell her "The file you sent me was in some bizarre Word format, could you please save it as RTF and then re-send it ?". But since her mind has storage for only one concept, she blithely resends exactly the same damned file. The pain, the hurt.

Feelings, SO, Luv

Grievously fscked up, thank you. My SO and I are in the middle of a relationship crash. I am beginning to get homesick. I don't know if I can stand this country anymore.
Due to my bitterness, I am pointlessly mean.

The plus side

I am two writeups away from Level 7. But that carries no special powers so ... I am reading Under the Volcano. And I re-read a book by Bruce Chatwin, What am I doing here ?. I started a novella by Clifford Simak, but it sucked horribly, so I stopped at Chapter 2.

Oo- the lava flowed onwards