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mission drive within everything
keep my eyes and ears open and take in what i can
low volt wiring(security,fire, cctv, card access and some networking
One of the top scurity comp in the country
"it is what it is!"
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Single father of 2 boys and 1 girl. I work my ass off everyday in hopes my kids will grow up to be good people in this fucked world. I do what I can to learn form the ones who can teach me something more than I knew yesterday, I allways keep my eyes and ears open and take every opportunity to be that better person for myself and mostly the ones that proceed me, my kids. I never give up easy and I never go down without brawl. I only hope to be treated how I treat others. I have repect for all and none at all. My job consumes of most of my life, and right now buisness is booming and people always in need a good cctv system networked to their laptop for remote viewing and security. Damn I love my job and I hope its gets me to that point on the top of mountain, and hopfully ill remember to pack the beer and the rifle!!!!! Mans got to eat somehow.