Another option is to keep the Chatterbox nodelet turned off altogether. I turned it off once I figured out a few things: I wasn't interested in 95% of the chatter; I had the option of removing it in my user Preferences; and disabling it might help reduce lag time and conserve overall E2 server/bandwidth resources. I have assumed that if it's important, someone will /msg me. (If you have removed the Chatterbox from your nodelets, a little alert appears in your nodelets column every time you have a personal /msg.)

Being as new as I am, maybe this is a mistake. It hadn't occurred to me that people may be commenting on my w/u's in the Chatterbox. I figured I was getting enough conditioning based on votes, chings (or mostly non-chings), and deletions.

I probably won't change my ways, and I'm probably not the only one who won't heed the advice of this node title. So I'd discourage everybody from assuming that all Other Users are paying close attention to the Chatterbox.