From Jim Henson's wonderful film The Dark Crystal, the Ur-ru (also known as the Mystics) are one of two races that split from the urSkeks after the Great Conjunction. Whereas the Skeksis gained the evil half of the urSkeks, the Mystics became a sorrowful, peaceful race. Even though they were wise, their power did not extend past their valley, and so their hopes for redemption lied entirely with a Gelfling named Jen.

Last Ten Remaining Ur-ru
urZah, the Ritual-Guardian
urIm, the Healer
urSol, the Chanter
urTih, the Alchemist
urAmaj, the Cook
urNol, the Herbalist
urAc, the Scribe
urYod, the Numerologist
urUtt, the Weaver
urSu, the Master