Usually, my dreams are boring and not worth mentioning. This one seemed profound, in a strange kind of way. I think Freud would have gotten a kick out of this!

Out in the middle of a big, shallow valley, there are two pianos - one upright, and one baby grand. I am playing on the upright and my Mom is playing the baby grand (which is strange, because my Mom doesn't play the piano).

As we're sitting there playing (not even playing a duet - two seperate songs, but it sounds fine), a unicorn comes from behind a small hill and approaches us. I warn my Mother to be careful; it might step on her piano. I fear that it might step on mine.

The unicorn does not step on the pianos, but instead walks around them, passing right by me. I am amazed by the size of it, but it does not frighten me. I reach out and touch it's side, stroking it's fur as it walks past me. It's a thrill to touch it, and I flash a huge grin at my Mother.

The unicorn continues out into the field, where a wild female horse is grazing. The unicorn mounts the wild horse, and I am shocked to see that it's penis is 4 or 5 feet long! The animals have disgusting sex, making loud noises, and the female seems to be in pain.

My Mom and I watch, disgusted, but also quite fascinated.