Memories have been floating in and out of my brain constantly for the past few days. Memories of things loved, and of things lost. They materialize for an instant, and cause me to become lost in thought. I "awake" from such an occasion dazed and unable to fully recall what I was doing only seconds ago.

These brief yet desirable thoughts come without warning, but are usually provoked. Sometimes the lyrics in a song, or an object that I associate with recent times, cause me to go into one of these periods of recollection.

Be it painful or euphoric, these memories are welcome to occupy my thoughts as often as they see fit. I would much rather be able to think of them now, than for them never to have been created in the first place. I am clinging. Clinging to things that have been suddenly and unfairly taken from me, and these frequent memories are the only thing I have left to remind me of what I came to depend on and what I held so close to my heart.

Despite the fact that I will never be able to again have what I've recently lost, it comforts me that the memories will always be there, and whether provoked or spontaneous, I know that they will help me get through this.