There is a balcony. This balcony is in Ocean City, Maryland. This balcony is one of many in a condominium. This balcony overlooks the ocean. This balcony is a place where, for one week during the summer, I find complete solitude and relaxation.

When I first set foot out onto this perch, that I long for all year, I notice the very recognizable aroma that is the sea air. I inhale deeply to remind my lungs of what they have been missing for the past 12 months.

Next the melodious sounds of the beach flood my ears. The sounds of the gulls, the sound of and ice cream truck, and most important, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Finally, the familiar sights of the shore catch my eye. People walking about the streets, and the beach. Again the waves, with their rhythmic and never ceasing advance and retreat from the coast.

All of my senses immediately begin working overtime as I walk out onto the balcony. I take in all that I have longed for over the year. I feel a sense of calm, and cannot help but smile as I realize that I am back. Back to the place where I am sincerly content.