I've spent weeks of sadness and depression thinking to myself that It would be an eternity before I recovered from the heartache I was experiencing. Then one day I gave a friend a call that I had not seen in a long time to catch up, and I discovered happiness again.

I guess I took her for granted during the summer when I first met her. We were friends, and I knew she had a great personality, was smart, and on top of it all, drop-dead gorgeous, but it didn't truly sink in. When I called her and asked her if she wanted to get together, she sounded surprised by my call, but was very enthusiastic about it. It wasn't even anything special, I just picked her up and we saw a movie and I dropped her off, but she left a huge impact on me, and I saw in her face that I did the same to her.

It began with the knock on her door. I watched her descend the stairs to answer the door with a large smile on her face, and I knew at that moment that my happiness was coming back.

I was hanging on her every word on the way to the theater. She made me laugh, she made me smile, she made me happy. We sat down for the movie, and continued to talk about what we had been up to the past few months.

On the ride home, the conversation continued, and it seemed that everything I said made her smile, and vice versa. I walked her to her door, said goodnight, and was about to turn around, content on not pushing too far, when she hopped down the stairs to the porch and gave me a big hug. The smile spread like a fire across my face.

I have no idea where we're going, or even intend that we go anywhere, but she brought back a feeling of happiness that I've missed for so long. She is an amazing person and I thank her for a wonderful Saturday night and the feeling of happiness she has re-instilled in me.