Urgh. How can I be so tired? I got 7 or so hours of sleep last night. Give or take an hour or two. That should be more than enough for any sane person to cope with a not too involved day of sixth form, shouldn't it?
Had strange swiss people in first lession (classics). Well, not strange, but quite, lets say, interesting when u stumble in after four flights of steps and find your normal seating has been overtaken by three largish foriegn people. Not that I have anything against the swiss. My mother lives in the damn country. And dope is legal there. How could one hate any country where that lovely substance is legal?
Boringish British parliamentary history taught by a Margaret Thatcher look-alike. social_inadequate disagrees, but what would he know? :)
Again sorta skipped lunch (well, you can hardly call half a bag of chips lunch). Don't know why I keep doing this, persumably because of nerves, but its the third week back, I shouldn't still have nerves!
English was cancelled thank god, so got to go home early and have a cup of tea. No ginger biscuits, just little carrot cake things. Must get ginger biscuits. Ginger biscuits are life.
Boring boring afternoon at home. Nothing to do except watch Labour Party Conference. Gordon the Brown dribble on about pensions and standing strong and insulting the Hague for drinking 14 pints of larger. Is this what politics means these days?
Must goto bed early tonight.