"The Naked God" (2000) is the final installment in Peter F Hamilton's excellent "Night's Dawn" science fiction trilogy. The first two parts are "The Reality Dysfunction" and "The Neutronium Alchemist". This is the biggest of the three books, with the American edition clocking in at over 1500 pages. Once again, the book is split in two separate paperbacks on the US market.

"The Naked God" continues the story of the Confederation, consisting of nano-augmented Adamists and telepathically-enhanced Edenists. The same main characters appear, including traditional hero and spaceship captain extraordinaire Joshua Calvert, Louise Kavanaugh and the Messiah of the Damned, Quinn Dexter. The book includes a "Dramatis Personae" section, which is useful after 2000 pages and dozens of different characters.

If you've read the first two novels in the series, you will definitely want to read this one for the exciting conclusion to the story. People have complained that the ending is rather "deus ex machina" and sadly, I have to agree. Still, this is an excellent space opera with lots of excitement and sensawunda.

In December 2000 "The Confederation Handbook" was published, with detailed descriptions of the characters, worlds, habitats and alien races. Interesting for die-hard fans and potentially a basis for a role-playing or strategy game that may be in the works.