"Sweet Thing" is the third track of the beautiful album "Astral Weeks" (1968) by Van Morrison. Read the excellent review of this album by dannye and the lyrics of this song somewhere above this write-up.

"Sweet Thing" follows the song "Beside You" almost naturally. After the anguish tinged with hope in "Beside You", you will now hear joy with a slight aftertaste of pain in "Sweet Thing". Van sounds exuberant and happy.

If you listen carefully, you will hear a slight mistake at the end of the last verse. The string section switches to the chorus a little too late. "Astral Weeks" was recorded in 2 days, and part of its charm is the slightly flawed but oh so beautiful flow of the music.

For me the key line in this song is "I'll be satisfied not to read in between the lines". To be able to take what you know and feel at face value and be happy with it, just as it is... To be worry-free without having to look for hidden meanings ... It must be true happiness.

Has someone ever made you smile through your tears? That is the feeling I get from this song.