"Pink Moon" is, to put it simply, an album by Nick Drake. But to give this incredible piece of art more justice ...

The years leading up to "Pink Moon" were filled by Drake's attempts to find himself and his audience. Drake made folk music of the most desolate kind, music so utterly melancholic that fragments of his work will become the soundtrack of your saddest hours, but at the same time so unspeakably beautiful that you will find yourself listening to it on lazy summer evenings.

Before "Pink Moon" (1972), Nick released the albums "Five Leaves Left" (1969) and "Bryter Layter" (1970). On these two albums, Drake's delicate vocals and guitar are accompanied by several instruments - bass, drums, strings. The albums never sold well, also because Nick was too shy to perform live. The lack of success resulted in the brooding depression that dominated Nick's final years.

Then, in 1972, Nick brought the tapes for "Pink Moon" to his record label. His producer asked, after listening to the bleak tracks with only guitar and voice, how he wanted the songs to be produced. "They are finished", Nick answered. He wanted the tracks just like that - no drums, no bass, nothing. Just the sadness of his voice, and the beauty of his melodies.

The result is, in my eyes, the most beautiful folk album every created. The lyrics, the melodies, the sentiment are stripped of all embellishment, resulting in sheer perfection. "Pink Moon" is naked melancholy. This music is the final cry of loneliness from one of the greatest musicians of this century.

The years after 1972 were increasingly difficult for Nick. He was hospitalized for psychiatric problems. He continued to record songs, some of which are collected on the posthumous album "Time of No Reply". Nick was found on November 26, 1974, dead from an overdose of anti-depressants. The album "Pink Moon" is the testament of a great songwriter.

I was born in 1972, the same year "Pink Moon" was released. This means a lot to me.