Well, it's been one week since my decision to stop drinking (see the Independence Day declaration here) and ... I'm doing fine! I won't say I don't feel like a drink, but the urge to run out and get a pint of Absolut is getting less and less. I no longer feel like my skin doesn't fit, like my skeleton is rattling around in my body. I don't have the nervous itch I had in the first few days. I've even stopped yelling at my colleagues for no discernible reason.

It's hard not to be just a little bit proud of myself.

Now, here comes the real test ... Tomorrow I am leaving on a trip to California and (cue dramatic music) Las Vegas. Well, in truth it's only a 2 day stop-over in Vegas. The main purpose of the trip is to meet my girlfriend's friends and *gulp* parents in San Diego.

No... The real main purpose of the trip is to get away from Manhattan, to go find a beach, and some sun without this miserable humidity, and to relax. I just started reading "The Deed of Paksenarrion" by Elizabeth Moon which should make for nice, relaxing beach reading. This is my last node before my trip - a long report will follow next weekend.