John Clute (1940 - ) is a Canadian science fiction critic and novelist, in the UK since 1969.

Most SF fans are familiar with Clute's name through his reviews and non-fiction SF work, most notably "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction" and more recently "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy".

His reviews have appeared in Washington Post, Omni, New York Times, Interzone, Los Angeles Times and a large number of other publications. He was a founding member of the magazine Interzone, the pride of the UK science fiction community.

In "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction", Clute writes that his own criticism, "despite some studiously flamboyant obscurities remains essentially practical".

William Gibson has called Clute "formidable" and "an urban literary wit whose grasp of the genre, and of its place in the wider world of letters, are very likely unequaled in our time and language".