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Mil is also a term for one [tenth] of a [cent] (or one [thousandth] of a dollar) in U.S. [currency]. Often seen on [ballot|ballots], where a certain [referendum] might ask for a couple of mils per [dollar] of [taxes] for some worthy [cause]. Webster says that this is spelled [mill], but common usage seems to be divided evenly between the two spellings.

Mil can also mean :

  • [One million dollars] ([colloquial])
  • .mil is also one of the [top level domain]s for internet names : see [RFC 1956 (Registration in the MIL Domain)].
  • [Thousand] in the context of "particles found at a [density] of 37.5 per mil".
  • A [monetary unit] formerly used in [Cyprus] equal to 1/1000 pound. (Currently Cyprus uses [Cyprus Pounds] or [CYP])
  • A unit of angular measurement equal to 1/6400 of [360 degrees] and used especially in artillery (that's 9/160 degrees or 0.05625 [degree|degrees] or 3 [minute|minutes] and 22.5 [second|seconds])
  • As [ModernAngel] said, 1/1000th of 1 [inch]. [Human] [hair] is about [3] mils thick. Industrial laminates (such as [laminate]d [cable shield]) may be composed of [foil] and [plastic] only tenths of a mil in thickness.
  • Short for [Mother-In-Law], according to [dem bones].