Now that Thanksgiving is over, it must be Christmas. That is, Ruth Anne's family celebrates Christmas at Thanksgiving time on even numbered years so they can spend Christmas with the in-laws. My family does the same on odd numbered years.

Anyway, the schedule was for all the women (Ruth Anne, Liz and Jen) to go shopping all day, and the four men to take care of the four children all day. We went to the Jacksonville Zoo, which turned out to be much more impressive than I was expecting. Amelia had a great time, running here and there, talking with the other pre-verbal children visiting the zoo, and looking at all the weird stuff, some of which were animals.

One especially cool part was seeing the Lorikeets, which are Australian birds not too unlike parakeets. For an extra dollar, you can buy a little cup of nectar, which makes the Lorikeets stand on your arms and hand to eat it, and on your head and shoulders just for the fun of it. Jack was the only one to get a cup of nectar, but they also really liked to stand on the head of his daughter Camille. Maybe because she was blond? Or perhaps her head was just the right shape or height or something.

Once the ladies got home, the men got to attend to the children while the women wrapped the presents. Then a lovely dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers and the gift exchanging started by around 8 PM. I scored the two DVD set of Monsters Inc. which has 98 minutes of movie and 208 minutes of bonus material. Also some CDs such as Beethoven's Wig. Quite a lot of things from my wish list. I highly recommend everyone go to and make one, if they haven't already.

Things went so late, that by the time I got a chance to go upstairs (where the internet connection is) and try to write my daylog, it was time for Camille and Matthew (who are staying upstairs since their bedrooms are being used by visiting relatives) to go to bed, so I got kicked out. As usual, by this morning yesterday is something of a blur, but I do what I can.