I had to make a run up to A to Z Printing, because one of the pages that needed copying somehow didn't get copied. Penn Station is just a block down from there, so I brought home subs for dinner (plus fresh cut french fries and fresh squeezed lemonade). While waiting for my subs to be made, I went next door to the St. Vincent d'Paul thrift store and bought a vaporizer. We own two, one of which is lost and the other of which mostly doesn't work. This new one is great : it holds two gallons, and in just a few hours brought the humidity in the bedroom up to a much more comfortable level.

The tricky bits at work today involved pulling urls out of the javascript found in random urls, without actually attempting to run or even parse the javascript directly.

I received my last two graphic novels from amazon.com, Sin City and Batman: Year One. I hereby swear not to buy any more for a long long time. I shouldn't be spending the time or the money on such things right now.

Happy Birthday Amelia! You are 17 months old today!

When I picked up Amelia at school today, she had moments before been bitten on the hand by an older student (older meaning maybe two and a half). They had cleaned the site of the injury, and were icing it when I got there. Amelia seemed content to stay with the teacher who was caring for her, so I sat down next to them. I wasn't there but a few moments when another little girl came up to me, said "hi", and sat in my lap for some attention. Moments later I was informed that this was Julia, the one who bit Amelia. I tried to muster some anger or something, but she really had no idea that she had done something noteworthy. I said a few things to Julia for the entertainment of the adults nearby, such as "Usually my rule is 'you make Amelia cry and I make you cry' but I'll let you off this time". Said in a loving tone, however, and only made Julia smile.

Packing to go to Jacksonville, Florida for Thanksgiving. We leave way too early tomorrow morning. We come back Sunday, and I don't even get to leave the airport before flying out again, this time alone, to San Francisco for work.

I discovered Beliefnet's Belief-O-Matic quiz at http://beliefnet.com/story/76/story_7665_1.html today. I highly recommend it.

Ruth Anne has been busy all day creating scrapbooks, in memory of her mother, for her sisters and other relatives. Once all the pages are gathered together, she binds them with an old Japanese technique that you can read about at http://www.sff.net/people/Brook.West/bind/bindit.html

Wow, all that and I'm still going to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Who'd of thought it.