Today Ruth Anne was busy creating Christmas presents for her family (which we are exchanging at Thanksgiving this year) so I got Amelia full time -- woo hoo!

We walked up to the park, and climbed, played and swung on the various objects there. She amazed me by successfully traversing this one horizontal chain-ladder thing. After a couple hours of that, she noticed some people with dogs in the adjacent field, so of course we had to go investigate. The pets and their people were all quite friendly, as is usual in that area. The mud was just dry enough that is could slowly accumulate on the bottoms of everyone's shoes, and we all got taller and taller and taller.

I noticed an interesting dynamic: when interacting with other adults, we would always exchange the names of the pets and children, but never our own. I'm sure there's a sociology paper in there somewhere.

One that group broke up, I figured it was about time to head home. We'd been out for almost three hours, but I'd gone out without my watch and had no way to know that. I picked Amelia up to start walking home, and she was asleep in my arms in less than a minute. This was both good and bad. It was good because it was her nap time (1:00), but it was bad because she hadn't had any lunch yet, and probably wouldn't stay asleep.

I stopped by KFC on the way home, as it's only about three blocks out of the way, and I knew there was no adult food at home. I got home with food and child, and Amelia was still asleep, but as is usually the case with me, I failed to put her down without waking her up. This was both good and bad. It was good because it allowed us to feed her some lunch. It was bad because, having slept for twenty minutes, we knew she wouldn't go down again and finish her nap.

We played around the house for a few more hours, and then, as Ruth Anne was mostly done, the three of us headed out to the coffee shop to get a Decaf Iced Latte for Ruth Anne and a smoothie for me. Amelia surprised me again by displaying expertise in straw usage. Last I'd checked (maybe a week ago) she didn't quite have straws down yet. This made sharing the smoothie much simpler.

On the way home, Amelia displayed another new behavior, which was to demand to walk along the top of the wall, whenever there was a wall available; plus, whenever we set her down, she would immediately turn around and head back toward the most recent wall, becoming somewhat irate when she was not permitted to do so. My child is so precocious, she's already in her terrible twos and she not 17 months old till tomorrow.

When we got home (now around 5:00) I managed to get her down for another half hour or so, so she's kinda sorta back on schedule. We managed to get a good amount of food into her at dinner, so she should be able to sleep till morning once she's down for the final count.

No new write-ups today (other than this one) but I'm working on integrating bidirectional information into my write-ups for each Unicode code block.