Woke up in Lexington as expected. Amelia got us up at around the regular time, despite having gotten to sleep much later than usual. Some Mountain Dew to get me started, and were off...

One breakfasting was done, the five of us (Ross, Danby, Ruth Anne, Amelia and I) went for a walk around the nearby lake and to a playground. Amelia loves swings and slides, and at less than 17 months, can already swing in a big kid swing, meaning the kind where you have to hold on and balance a little. We suffered through the arctic cold (36oF -- ok, so I'm a wimp) for about an hour and then came back. After lunch, we hung our in their newly re-finished downstairs room. I gave Ross a tour of E2, and there's a chance he might become a regular (keep your fingers crossed, he'd be an excellent addition). He has a big screen TV and lots of speakers, and I asked for a demo. We watched the first ten minutes of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and I was duly impressed. 5.1 channels of sound really does make a difference. Now all I have to do is resist the temptation to get a second mortgage on the house to finance a similar system for myself.

Much joyful hanging about, then back to Cincinnati. In the mail, I get The Infinity Gauntlet and Watchmen from amazon.com. You see, when I ordered Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, I needed to add a little more to my order to qualify for free shipping. I, perhaps, went a little overboard in the graphic novel department. There are more on the way.

That pretty much brings us up to date. I fixed a couple of bugs I added yesterday to my E2 Node Tracker, where I was displaying the wrong sign for a few values. Bathed the child, typical heading-for-bed stuff.