Last night went a little later than usual, because Amelia just wouldn't go to sleep, all she would do if fuss and nurse. After trying everything we could think of, I had the brilliant idea "maybe she's hungry?" Amelia and I went down to the kitchen where she ate an substantial amount of food, then took me by the hand and led me back upstairs where she climbed into bed and went to sleep. I had a harder time getting to sleep as I was busy kicking myself.

I updated the script available at E2 node tracker to improve the formatting a little bit, and to explicitly show the new votes, rather than just the delta. E.g. when I used to say "Rep = 9 (+12/-3), Change = +2", I might now add (+4/-2) to reflect the votes that went into the change. With the way people vote on daylogs, such a thing is essential.

In my continuing efforts to make E2 the definitive Unicode information center, I noded CJK Symbols and Punctuation, and continued my updating of other code blocks.

All packed and ready to head to Lexington for the Swan Salon pot luck, after which we'll spend the night at Ross and Danby's house and drive home in the morning.

Amelia was the Belle of the Ball, as usual. We were happy to find two dogs living at Ellen's house, where the pot luck was held. Amelia loves dogs. The first time we tried to give Amelia some food, she instantly turned around and fed it to the dog. She had never given food to a dog before, but I guess some things are instinctual. Danby made same amazing sweet potato pudding, and there were some spinach balls with enormous amounts of cheese that were also excellent. My ginger thins were a big hit as well.

Some videos were shown of previous Swan Salon performances; some really stunning choreographies. The son of one dancer taught Amelia some new ways to fall down the stairs. Everyone brought their spouses, and it really pointed out to me how almost all members are married to people who don't much dance. I'm so lucky that way.

Amelia wouldn't go to sleep until we got in the car, at which time she fell asleep instantly. She was up till 10:15, which is really really late for her. The rest of us stayed up till 12:15, which is only a little bit late.