It's amazing how much work there can be to get ready for a meeting with your financial advisor. Lots of papers I hadn't looked at or even thought about for years suddenly need to be found and sorted out.

In my continuing efforts to make E2 the definitive Unicode information center, I noded Specials, which is a tiny code block containing five innocuous non-characters that do some really important things.

The biggest news is that my copy of Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again arrived today. I made the mistake of reading the first few pages, and then was unable to do anything else until I got to the end. My goodness but it's an excellent book (or graphic novel). Equally as compelling as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns but very different. I didn't see how it was going to live up to my enormous expectations, but it did. Get it. Read it.

This evening, we got a sitter for Amelia, so we could go to the Wyoming Fine Arts Center and teach Vintage Dance for The Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance. Today was a review of the four preceding Wednesdays of Redowa and the slide-cut-hop-leap mid 19th Century waltz variations. The handout I made reads as follows. It makes more sense if you took the class and learned what we mean by slide, cut, hop and leap.

from Hillgrove’s Ballroom Guide and Practical Dancer
a complete practical guide to the art of dancing 1863

Mazourka Step

Polka Redowa

Polka Mazourka
    Mazourka Step, Polka Redowa

La Koska Step
    Mazourka Step * 3, Polka Redowa

La Koska Figure
    La Koska Step
    Polka Redowa * 4
    Polka Redowa Reverse * 4

Varsovienne Step
    Polka Redowa, point

Varsovienne Figure
    Varsovienne Step * 4
    (Polka Redowa * 2, Varsovienne Step)*2 or (Polka Redowa * 3, Point)

La Zingerilla

La Carlowitzka
    slide-hop-hop * 2, Polka Mazourka