Today started rather early, when the alarm went off at 4:30 so we could go see the Leonid Meteor Storm at it's 5:20 peak. We booked a bed and breakfast (the Murphin Ridge Inn) way out in the boonies so it'd be nice and dark. The weather called for cloudy and rain, but I kept my hopes up. I was awake something like every hour, in that way that you do when you know you have to wake up at some unreasonably early hour. I had many many dreams, all meteor shower related. Some set simply where I actually was, in which the sky cleared up just at the right moment. Others involved the seashore and flooding and boardwalks and hoodlums.

As it turned out, at 5AM it was cloudy and raining lightly. I bundled up and went outside, just in case. It was actually quite pleasant: quiet and peaceful. Occasionally I saw lights go on in other cabins, as other hopeful stargazers checked the weather. Then back inside. Back to sleep.

8 AM comes really early after a night like that, but we got ourselves together, got back to the main building for a typical bed and breakfast breakfast. Then drive an hour back to Cinci, give Amelia back to the folks at her school, and head home to try and get some work done.

Much of the day was spent with the utter tedium of trying to calculate the basis price for my mutual funds. It's not like there's a lot of money in them, but I bought them in early 1998, and I have the dividends set to automatically re-invest, so the basis keeps changing, and E*Trade doesn't do enough bookkeeping to make it easy. Plus, I can only get past statements back to January 2000, and I still have big holes in 1998.

Other than that, just some coding for work and dull stuff like that. At dinner, Amelia was really going gangbusters with her spoon (meaning she was successfully using it to eat). Who is this little girl, and what has she done with my baby?

My wife got to bed a little bit ago, and is reading. I finally got her to start Batman: the Dark Knight Returns last night, and she is hooked and is finishing it now. I've got Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again hurtling toward me in the mail, so we'll be all ready to dive into the sequel. At the moment, I'm re-reading The Two Towers, so I'll be primed for the movie next month.