This morning started in the normal way: Amelia sitting up, cooing and gurgling and informing Ruth Anne and I that it was time to start the day. I used to hate mornings, and I suppose I still do in general, but the first few minutes are now usually pure heaven.

We actually got ourselves to church this morning, which means St. John's Unitarian Church in this case. I don't make it very often, and I'm technically not even a member, but I every Sunday morning when I'm not at church, St. John's is the church I'm not at.

This was my first time with the new minister, and my first time at St. John's with a male in that role.

For me, it was quite a depressing service. Quotes from Mark Twain about imperialism, and from Abraham Lincoln about freedom. The sermon was entitled "Hope in a time of terror", but offered little hope. Several times he quoted "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing", which makes it extra depressing, because I am doing nothing about the Republicans removing civil rights from almost everyone whether in the country or out of it.

After church, it was back down to the basement to keep hacking away at the chaos. A similar amount of progress to yesterday, but much less visible; primarily organization. Our new kitchen has just about zero cabinet space, but today we got all the foodstuffs more or less organized on the basement shelves most convenient to the kitchen.

Did you ever have to shim a wheeled piece of furniture? It's mostly impossible, but I managed to take the wheels off and build a wheeled shim to put back on.

Three loads of laundry started and finished and put away (rare that all three parts happen in the same day). Some more lights hung in the basement, and a fancy lantern-looking reading lamp attached to the wall in the parlor (we don't have a living room and a dining room, we have a drawing room and a parlor). Plus the usual playing with Amelia, keeping her from damaging herself or others, keeping her reasonably fed and slept. Man, if I hadn't somehow ended up with a perfect child, this might be more than I could handle.