My wife and I took a holoholo day today. Holoholo is a Hawaiian word meaning, loosely, vacation and more generally "bumming around not accomplishing much of anything but having a good time".

We'll be taking our 16 month old daughter out of day-care in a couple weeks, so this was just about our last chance.

We spent the day together (of course), first seeing the new Harry Potter movie (another excellent rendition of an excellent book) at theater right next to King's Island. We were at the first show, 10:30 AM, and there were an awful lot of kids in the theater that really should have been in school. The mother of the kid behind me explained that he had gone to school, turned in his project, done his presentation, and then was whisked out again to see the movie. Kids today.

Then we headed south to Mason, to have lunch at a restaurant called Copeland's, which bills itself as New Orleans style. A friend had given us a $50 gift certificate to Copeland's a couple of years ago (which he got free when he did some lawyer stuff for them) and we finally got around to using them. We ordered way too much food, all of it quite delicious, and now have food for lunch for a couple of days. The bill came, coincidentally, to about $49, before tip, so we got all of that for only $10 out of pocket.

We then headed north (and west, I suppose) to Waynesville, to go to many antique stores. I did about average for me, perhaps a little better. For one dollar, I got a battered copy of The International Compendium of Practical Knowledge copyright 1895; a 500 page book full of all kinds of useful information. I also spent $3.50 on a fairly good copy of The Rainbow Dictionary which is copyright 1947, but the copyright wasn't renewed in 1975, and so is now in the public domain - woo hoo!. The Rainbow Dictionary is a 433 page children's dictionary, with 2300 entries, large type and simple colorful illustrations. My daughter should grow into it before too much longer. Ruth Anne didn't do so well, the only thing she got was a piece of new lamp hardware.

Then back to The Goddard School to get Amelia, and home again home again jiggity jig. We had nowhere to go, and nothing particular to do, so we just played all evening, in between trying to get food into all three of us. Ruth Anne got Amelia to go to sleep around 9:00 or so, and we'll be joining her shortly.