The Myanmar script (formerly the Burmese script) is used to write Burmese, the majority language of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Variations and extensions of the script are used to write other languages, such as Shan, Mon, Pali and Sanskrit.

The Myanmar writing system derives from a 8th century South Indian Brahmi script for the Mon language. The first inscriptions in the Myanmar script date from the 11th century, using an alphabet almost identical to that of Mon inscriptions. Aside from rounding of the originally square characters, this script has remained largely unchanged to the present. It is said that the rounder forms were developed to permit writing on palm leaves without tearing the writing surface of the leaf.

Because of its Brahmi origins, the Myanmar script shared the structural features of its Indic relatives: consonants include an inherent "a" vowel; various signs are attached to a consonant to indicate a different vowel; ligatures and conjuncts are used to indicate consonant clusters; and the overall writing direction is left to right. Thus, despite great differences in appearance and detail, the Myanmar script follows the same basic principles as, for example, Devanagari.

As in extended Latin and others, some Myanmar letters or signs are composites of two or more other characters and are not encoded separately. For example, to make the Myanmar vowel sign O one combines U+1031    Myanmar vowel sign e   and U+102C    Myanmar vowel sign aa.

Dependent vowels and other signs, are encoded in logical order, after the consonant to which they apply, regardless of where the glyph for the sign happens to be rendered relative to the glyph for the consonant.

Myanmar does not use white space between words. Use U+200B zero width space   for your algorithmic word breaking needs.

Unicode's Myanmar code block reserves the 160 code points from U+1000 to U+109F, of which 156 are currently assigned.

Tibetan <-- Myanmar --> Georgian

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 3.0 : 78
Unicode 5.1 : 78

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Other            Lo : 74
Mark, Non-Spacing        Mn : 27
Mark, Spacing Combining  Mc : 27
Number, Decimal Digit    Nd : 20
Punctuation, Other       Po :  6
Symbol, Other            So :  2

Number of characters in each Bidirectional Category :

Left To Right       L :129
Non Spacing Mark  NSM : 27

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode Bidirectional Category for the character
  6. The Unicode version when this character was added

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.




U+1000   က   Myanmar letter ka Lo L 3.0
U+1001   ခ   Myanmar letter kha Lo L 3.0
U+1002   ဂ   Myanmar letter ga Lo L 3.0
U+1003   ဃ   Myanmar letter gha Lo L 3.0
U+1004   င   Myanmar letter nga Lo L 3.0
U+1005   စ   Myanmar letter ca Lo L 3.0
U+1006   ဆ   Myanmar letter cha Lo L 3.0
U+1007   ဇ   Myanmar letter ja Lo L 3.0
U+1008   ဈ   Myanmar letter jha Lo L 3.0
U+1009   ဉ   Myanmar letter nya Lo L 3.0
U+100A   ည   Myanmar letter nnya Lo L 3.0
U+100B   ဋ   Myanmar letter tta Lo L 3.0
U+100C   ဌ   Myanmar letter ttha Lo L 3.0
U+100D   ဍ   Myanmar letter dda Lo L 3.0
U+100E   ဎ   Myanmar letter ddha Lo L 3.0
U+100F   ဏ   Myanmar letter nna Lo L 3.0
U+1010   တ   Myanmar letter ta Lo L 3.0
U+1011   ထ   Myanmar letter tha Lo L 3.0
U+1012   ဒ   Myanmar letter da Lo L 3.0
U+1013   ဓ   Myanmar letter dha Lo L 3.0
U+1014   န   Myanmar letter na Lo L 3.0
U+1015   ပ   Myanmar letter pa Lo L 3.0
U+1016   ဖ   Myanmar letter pha Lo L 3.0
U+1017   ဗ   Myanmar letter ba Lo L 3.0
U+1018   ဘ   Myanmar letter bha Lo L 3.0
U+1019   မ   Myanmar letter ma Lo L 3.0
U+101A   ယ   Myanmar letter ya Lo L 3.0
U+101B   ရ   Myanmar letter ra Lo L 3.0
U+101C   လ   Myanmar letter la Lo L 3.0
U+101D   ဝ   Myanmar letter wa Lo L 3.0
U+101E   သ   Myanmar letter sa Lo L 3.0
U+101F   ဟ   Myanmar letter ha Lo L 3.0
U+1020   ဠ   Myanmar letter lla Lo L 3.0

     Independent vowels

U+1021   အ   Myanmar letter A Lo L 3.0
* also represents the glottal stop as a consonant
U+1022   ဢ   Myanmar letter shan a Lo L 5.1
U+1023   ဣ   Myanmar letter I Lo L 3.0
U+1024   ဤ   Myanmar letter ii Lo L 3.0
U+1025   ဥ   Myanmar letter U Lo L 3.0
U+1026   ဦ   Myanmar letter uu Lo L 3.0
U+1027   ဧ   Myanmar letter E Lo L 3.0
U+1028   ဨ   Myanmar letter mon e Lo L 5.1
U+1029   ဩ   Myanmar letter O Lo L 3.0
U+102A   ဪ   Myanmar letter au Lo L 3.0

     Dependent vowel signs

U+102B   ါ   Myanmar vowel sign tall aa Mc L 5.1
U+102C   ာ   Myanmar vowel sign aa Mc L 3.0
U+102D   ိ   Myanmar vowel sign i Mn NSM 3.0
U+102E   ီ   Myanmar vowel sign ii Mn NSM 3.0
U+102F   ု   Myanmar vowel sign u Mn NSM 3.0
U+1030   ူ   Myanmar vowel sign uu Mn NSM 3.0
U+1031   ေ   Myanmar vowel sign e Mc L 3.0
* stands to the left of the consonant
U+1032   ဲ   Myanmar vowel sign ai Mn NSM 3.0
U+1033   ဳ   Myanmar vowel sign mon ii Mn NSM 5.1
U+1034   ဴ   Myanmar vowel sign mon o Mn NSM 5.1
U+1035   ဵ   Myanmar vowel sign e above Mn NSM 5.1

     Various signs

U+1036   ံ   Myanmar sign anusvara Mn NSM 3.0
U+1037   ့   Myanmar sign dot below Mn NSM 3.0
aka aukmyit
* a tone mark
U+1038   း   Myanmar sign visarga Mc L 3.0
U+1039   ္   Myanmar sign virama Mn NSM 3.0
aka killer (when rendered visibly)
U+103A   ်   Myanmar sign asat Mn NSM 5.1
aka killer (always rendered visibly)

     Dependent consonant signs

U+103B   ျ   Myanmar consonant sign medial ya Mc L 5.1
U+103C   ြ   Myanmar consonant sign medial ra Mc L 5.1
U+103D   ွ   Myanmar consonant sign medial wa Mn NSM 5.1
U+103E   ှ   Myanmar consonant sign medial ha Mn NSM 5.1


U+103F   ဿ   Myanmar letter great sa Lo L 5.1


U+1040   ၀   Myanmar digit zero Nd L 3.0
U+1041   ၁   Myanmar digit one Nd L 3.0
U+1042   ၂   Myanmar digit two Nd L 3.0
U+1043   ၃   Myanmar digit three Nd L 3.0
U+1044   ၄   Myanmar digit four Nd L 3.0
U+1045   ၅   Myanmar digit five Nd L 3.0
U+1046   ၆   Myanmar digit six Nd L 3.0
U+1047   ၇   Myanmar digit seven Nd L 3.0
U+1048   ၈   Myanmar digit eight Nd L 3.0
U+1049   ၉   Myanmar digit nine Nd L 3.0


U+104A   ၊   Myanmar sign little section Po L 3.0
ref U+0964   ।   Devanagari danda (Devanagari)
U+104B   ။   Myanmar sign section Po L 3.0
ref U+0965   ॥   Devanagari double danda (Devanagari)

     Various signs

U+104C   ၌   Myanmar symbol locative Po L 3.0
U+104D   ၍   Myanmar symbol completed Po L 3.0
U+104E   ၎   Myanmar symbol aforementioned Po L 3.0
U+104F   ၏   Myanmar symbol genitive Po L 3.0

     Pali and Sanskrit extensions

U+1050   ၐ   Myanmar letter sha Lo L 3.0
U+1051   ၑ   Myanmar letter ssa Lo L 3.0
U+1052   ၒ   Myanmar letter vocalic r Lo L 3.0
U+1053   ၓ   Myanmar letter vocalic rr Lo L 3.0
U+1054   ၔ   Myanmar letter vocalic l Lo L 3.0
U+1055   ၕ   Myanmar letter vocalic ll Lo L 3.0
U+1056   ၖ   Myanmar vowel sign vocalic r Mc L 3.0
U+1057   ၗ   Myanmar vowel sign vocalic rr Mc L 3.0
U+1058   ၘ   Myanmar vowel sign vocalic l Mn NSM 3.0
U+1059   ၙ   Myanmar vowel sign vocalic ll Mn NSM 3.0

     Extensions for Mon

U+105A   ၚ   Myanmar letter mon nga Lo L 5.1
U+105B   ၛ   Myanmar letter mon jha Lo L 5.1
U+105C   ၜ   Myanmar letter mon bba Lo L 5.1
U+105D   ၝ   Myanmar letter mon bbe Lo L 5.1
U+105E   ၞ   Myanmar consonant sign mon medial na Mn NSM 5.1
U+105F   ၟ   Myanmar consonant sign mon medial ma Mn NSM 5.1
U+1060   ၠ   Myanmar consonant sign mon medial la Mn NSM 5.1

     Extensions for S'gaw Karen

U+1061   ၡ   Myanmar letter sgaw karen sha Lo L 5.1
U+1062   ၢ   Myanmar vowel sign sgaw karen eu Mc L 5.1
U+1063   ၣ   Myanmar tone mark sgaw karen hathi Mc L 5.1
U+1064   ၤ   Myanmar tone mark sgaw karen ke pho Mc L 5.1

     Extensions for Western Pwo Karen

U+1065   ၥ   Myanmar letter western pwo karen tha Lo L 5.1
U+1066   ၦ   Myanmar letter western pwo karen pwa Lo L 5.1
U+1067   ၧ   Myanmar vowel sign western pwo karen eu Mc L 5.1
U+1068   ၨ   Myanmar vowel sign western pwo karen ue Mc L 5.1
U+1069   ၩ   Myanmar sign western pwo karen tone 1 Mc L 5.1
U+106A   ၪ   Myanmar sign western pwo karen tone 2 Mc L 5.1
U+106B   ၫ   Myanmar sign western pwo karen tone 3 Mc L 5.1
U+106C   ၬ   Myanmar sign western pwo karen tone 4 Mc L 5.1
U+106D   ၭ   Myanmar sign western pwo karen tone 5 Mc L 5.1

     Extensions for Eastern Pwo Karen

U+106E   ၮ   Myanmar letter eastern pwo karen nna Lo L 5.1
U+106F   ၯ   Myanmar letter eastern pwo karen ywa Lo L 5.1
U+1070   ၰ   Myanmar letter eastern pwo karen ghwa Lo L 5.1

     Extension for Geba Karen

U+1071   ၱ   Myanmar vowel sign geba karen i Mn NSM 5.1

     Extensions for Kayah

U+1072   ၲ   Myanmar vowel sign kayah oe Mn NSM 5.1
U+1073   ၳ   Myanmar vowel sign kayah u Mn NSM 5.1
U+1074   ၴ   Myanmar vowel sign kayah ee Mn NSM 5.1

     Extensions for Shan

U+1075   ၵ   Myanmar letter shan ka Lo L 5.1
U+1076   ၶ   Myanmar letter shan kha Lo L 5.1
U+1077   ၷ   Myanmar letter shan ga Lo L 5.1
U+1078   ၸ   Myanmar letter shan ca Lo L 5.1
U+1079   ၹ   Myanmar letter shan za Lo L 5.1
U+107A   ၺ   Myanmar letter shan nya Lo L 5.1
U+107B   ၻ   Myanmar letter shan da Lo L 5.1
U+107C   ၼ   Myanmar letter shan na Lo L 5.1
U+107D   ၽ   Myanmar letter shan pha Lo L 5.1
U+107E   ၾ   Myanmar letter shan fa Lo L 5.1
U+107F   ၿ   Myanmar letter shan ba Lo L 5.1
U+1080   ႀ   Myanmar letter shan tha Lo L 5.1
U+1081   ႁ   Myanmar letter shan ha Lo L 5.1
U+1082   ႂ   Myanmar consonant sign shan medial wa Mn NSM 5.1
U+1083   ႃ   Myanmar vowel sign shan aa Mc L 5.1
U+1084   ႄ   Myanmar vowel sign shan e Mc L 5.1
U+1085   ႅ   Myanmar vowel sign shan e above Mn NSM 5.1
U+1086   ႆ   Myanmar vowel sign shan final y Mn NSM 5.1
U+1087   ႇ   Myanmar sign shan tone 2 Mc L 5.1
U+1088   ႈ   Myanmar sign shan tone 3 Mc L 5.1
U+1089   ႉ   Myanmar sign shan tone 5 Mc L 5.1
U+108A   ႊ   Myanmar sign shan tone 6 Mc L 5.1
U+108B   ႋ   Myanmar sign shan council tone 2 Mc L 5.1
U+108C   ႌ   Myanmar sign shan council tone 3 Mc L 5.1
U+108D   ႍ   Myanmar sign shan council emphatic tone Mn NSM 5.1

     Extensions for Rumai Palaung

U+108E   ႎ   Myanmar letter rumai palaung fa Lo L 5.1
U+108F   ႏ   Myanmar sign rumai palaung tone 5 Mc L 5.1

     Shan digits

U+1090   ႐   Myanmar shan digit zero Nd L 5.1
U+1091   ႑   Myanmar shan digit one Nd L 5.1
U+1092   ႒   Myanmar shan digit two Nd L 5.1
U+1093   ႓   Myanmar shan digit three Nd L 5.1
U+1094   ႔   Myanmar shan digit four Nd L 5.1
U+1095   ႕   Myanmar shan digit five Nd L 5.1
U+1096   ႖   Myanmar shan digit six Nd L 5.1
U+1097   ႗   Myanmar shan digit seven Nd L 5.1
U+1098   ႘   Myanmar shan digit eight Nd L 5.1
U+1099   ႙   Myanmar shan digit nine Nd L 5.1

     Shan symbols

U+109E   ႞   Myanmar symbol shan one So L 5.1
U+109F   ႟   Myanmar symbol shan exclamation So L 5.1
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