About ten years ago, I received a big fancy air compressor for my birthday. Since then I've been storing it and moving it from place, always with the intention of using it, but never actually doing so. Yesterday I gave it to my neighbor, who is the sort who actually uses such things. I'm sure it will be much happier in its new home.

Last night, while Amelia (22 months old) and I were playing in the sink, she got it into her head that she needed to wash my face. She use a sponge, and was very gentle and quite thorough. I guess you had to be there, but it was really cute.

We wanted to scramble the last couple of eggs in the fridge, but they were stuck in the carton. When we held the carton over the pan, and cracked the eggs, they still didn't come out, on account of they were frozen. After a very unappetizing process of getting the edible part of the egg into the pan, everything cooked up just fine.

The wind has really been something atrocious these past few days. During a big storm, such winds wouldn't be out of place, but I'm not accustomed to such strong winds all day long when it's bright and sunny out.

I think I get to buy a big extension ladder tomorrow. A few weeks ago one of our downspouts came loose from it's connection at the top, and we don't have a ladder big enough to reach it (nor do any of our immediate neighbors). As usual, Sam's Club has the best choice; far fewer choices than Lowe's or Home Depot, but a better ladder (in the 24' heavy duty category) for a lower price. Ruth Anne talked to somebody yesterday who can come and do it for us, but he has a $50 minimum, which seems excessive for a two minute job.

In my great iTunes project, I got to the part where I have all my dance music, and I'm not sure what to do. I've got around 66 CD's in this category, including several that were specially burned for one performance or another. Do I just rip it all mindlessly and sort it out later, or do I try to do something intelligent? For the moment, I'm just skipping that part. I also hit another snag when I realized I've got another 36 CD's that aren't yet put into case logic cases. Then I got slightly further behind because, while at Sam's Club, a 3-CD The Monkees All-Time favorites collection leapt into my basket.

Current iTunes status : 4244 songs, 9.3 days, 12.95 GB. That represents 3190 recently re-ripped at in AAC and 1054 older ones in MP3. That leaves 678 megabytes that I can reclaim by moving the remaining 160 Kbs MP3's to 128 Kbs AAC's. 678 megabytes equates to 12 hours at 128 Kbs.