Last night, when I took a break from ripping CDs to synch them with my iPod, synchronization stopped due to an unknown error. Trying it again, is whirred a lot on on particular song before crapping out, so i was guessing a read error.

I rebooted, just in case, and tried one more time; this time with a pencil to write down the offending song name. It still stopped with the same error, but this time gave me no indication as to what song was the troublemaker.

I wrote myself a script which copied each song in turn to /dev/null, and after fifteen minutes or so it gave me a read error and told me which file it was. I renamed that file "BAD SPOT" and hid it away where no one will ever look. I also deleted the corresponding entry from iTunes, and the next synch went smoothly.

A really savvy guy would now backup, reformat, and restore; tragically, I'm not that guy.

This morning, Amelia decided really early that it was time to wake up. The short night was somewhat ameliorated by the fact that I got to have Scotcharoos for breakfast. Amelia got to have an extra nap from 8 to 9, but the rest of us didn't.

This morning there was a small pond in the basement, but I just hit the switch on the sump pump and a minute later all was well again. I'm hearing horror stories of really really flooded basements, so I'm not feeling so bad about my own.

Then church, choir singing, and an Appalachian Festival.

iTunes update : 4116 songs, 9.1 days, 12.85 GB. The current section of the case logic folder has mostly been ripped once, so now the total space is decreasing while the other numbers stay mostly constant.