Last night I had noticed that a local diner had been replaced by a Grand Buffet. I'd never heard of the place, but it had Chinese characters on the sign, so I was guessing it was a Chinese restaurant. I went there this afternoon, hoping that it was, and hoping that they delivered, because I still haven't found anyplace to deliver Chinese food to me. Turns out they don't deliver, and it's a buffet and food bar of biblical proportions. Imagine the food bar at your local Frisch's or Bob's Big Boy. Now multiply that by five. Enormous variety of Chinese food, plus sushi and eclairs and lots of other yummy stuff. I stuffed myself silly for only $5.25 ($5.57 with tax). Definitely gets two thumbs up.

This evening we went up to Kenwood Mall for dinner. Ruth Anne had a hankering for the bourbon chicken from the Cajun place in the food court. Another big plus at the food court is the large carpeted place for small children to run around in. Amelia had a great time, and we spent almost three hours there, not accomplishing much other than amusing the child and developing her motor skills.

Started noding Unicode 2.1, but it's going to be a bigger job than most. Noded Tetragrammaton in which previous write-ups lacked examples in any but Hebrew and Greek.