I think I might be confused about one particular facet of daylogs. When I make a write up under the name December 9, 2002, I think it's supposed to be primarily about December 9, 2002, and therefore can not possibly be written until late on December 9, 2002 or early on December 10, 2002. From examining other day logs, perhaps December 9, 2002 is simply supposed to be written on December 9, 2002, and is therefore primarily about December 8, 2002. I'll keep doing it the right way, rather than the popular way. So there.

First day back from Thanksgiving in Florida, and then work in California. Not only is it cold, with snow on the ground, but there's most of two weeks of stuff that's piled up. Mail and bills, not to mention unpacking and the horrific state of clutter that we left the house in two weeks ago.

Making some changes to my extensions to the GNU textutils I realized there wasn't a write up on them, so I made one.

Got some CDs for Christmas at Thanksgiving, so I'm busy ripping them into iTunes so I can enjoy them. Then I'll discard the crystal boxes and archive the CDs. They include Beethoven's Wig, Brave Combo's Polkasonic and Christine Lavin's Absolutely Live, all of which you should go out and buy, preferably at amazon.com.

I got the some adjustable shelving put up in the office. We needed some small shelves for the paperback books that were taking up all the space on our larger shelves. The only tricky bit was finding the studs, as the lathe and plaster walls make a stud finder pretty much useless. I ended up using a coat hanger stuffed through one of the incorrect holes I made, to find where the stud actually was.

For dinner tonight my wife whipped up some very tasty baked chicken potato thing with parsley and chives. I think tomorrow it's time for me to make some of my infamous curry.