No shower this morning, as the house was pretty full and there was no hot water by the time I got around to trying. That's OK, I'm not very dirty anyway.

Big success at work : I got cookies fully integrated into out web crawler, and our deep crawl of a particular ecommerce site came up with many more pages.

Lunch today was really nasty : Chick Fried Steak and some rather soggy mashed potatoes. But it was free, so I suppose I oughtn't complain.

Ruth Anne's Aunt Dot and Uncle Warren drove up from San Jose for a visit in the middle of the day. It was nice for them to get some time with Amelia when she wasn't in the middle of some other large event.

Many of the usual people were unavailable for one reason or another, so Ruth Anne and I did the shopping for Thursday Night Dinner. Art had emailed us the shopping list that was full of particular produce (such as Yukon Gold potatoes and Aneheim chilies. Fortunately all were available at the Marina Safeway.

Once back at Brewster's place, I was elected to do the chopping while Art did the shopping. Potatoes, onions, garlic and peppers all into the appropriate shapes. Coincidentally, I was just finishing up when he got back. The menu consisted of a wonderful stew made with fresh tuna and potatoes, a Spanish tortilla, which I would have called an omelet, Thursday Night Salad and a green bean salad. The guest list was unclear, and so way too much food was made for the people who actually attended.

Tonight's question was vague. It was sort of "tell a story about an event". or something. I told about the time my first wife surprised my with full size live action game of Super Mines.

Elise (her last name escapes me) is an artist also staying at Brewster's for a couple of days. She has a show opening at 77 Geary Street. She does wonderful drawings entitled things like "everything in my apartment", "everything in the firehouse" and "everything I need to draw". In these she draws all of the items in the category mentioned. "everything in my apartment" consisted of over 13 thousand distinct images. It's really excellent stuff, and I wish I could afford to buy some.

The biggest surprise of the night : Ruth Anne got Amelia to sleep before dinner (around 8 PM) and she slept through, allowing us a pleasant dinner and adult conversation. Woo hoo!