This morning I finally got those dang dance manuals successfully onto the Internet Archive site. Go to, click on "Texts" on the right side about half way down, and then search for "dance".

More work on recognizing sites and domains that have identical information. Also added some code for handling cookies in our web crawler. On both topics there are many sites that do really odd things.

Ruth Anne and Amelia are visiting me in San Francisco for the second half of the week. I snuck out of work in the mid afternoon to go get them at the airport. Amelia was everybody's darling in both airports as well as on the plane. When we got back, I got to show off Amelia to some people at work, and then we went out to a nearby Japanese restaurant in the Presidio. Amelia, it turns out, is quite enamored of miso soup and udon noodles in addition to everything else.

What with the three hour time change and whatnot, we accidentally kept Amelia out just a little too long, and she went ballistic for the 15 minute walk back to the car. We managed to get her to sleep in the car, but then she woke up again when we stopped, and there was a lot of noise and excitement at Brewster's house so getting her back to sleep again wasn't easy.

I also surfed over to for a moment, and discovered that the free video clip today was a topless Reese Witherspoon. But don't tell.