A normal workday in San Francisco. Since I'm away from home, there's little to do but work.

Today's project primarily consisted of reworking the code that finds urls in scripts, without actually parsing them as JavaScript or whatever. This is quite important when you want to deep crawl a web site, and not easy. I suppose for the next rev I might actually have to parse the JavaScript properly.

Also slightly changed the way I parse badly formatted robots.txt files, so as to better reflect my guesses as to the author's intentions.

Some good conversations with Brad about various plans for the Internet Archive, and ways to let normal people submit public domain content.

I even found a few spare moments to write up 180 in my continuing attempts to make E2 the definitive energy drink resource.

Brad and I grabbed some Chinese food, and caught the 9:30 showing of Solaris. It's a really odd film, which I won't even attempt to describe.