The Lockhorns is a nationally-syndicated single-panel comic strip that runs in most American newspapers. It features a middle-aged married couple -- Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn. It's supposed to be "a gentle spoof of the state of marital bliss," but it mostly comes off as a hateful, dour stereotype. For instance, Loretta is a terrible driver because she's a woman. Leroy is a man and thus never, ever asks for directions and always leads the pair onto a mountain ledge or something equally contrived instead of Interstate 40. The Lockhorns could be considered Andy Capp's American cousins.

The strip began in 1968 and was drawn and scripted for 20 years by husband and wife Bill and Bunny Hoest. Bill Hoest died in 1988, and Bunny replaced him with a comic artist called John Reiner, who has assisted Bunny in drawing and scripting since then.

Despite its staggering misogyny and misanthropy, the strip's popularity continues to thrive. It currently runs in just over 500 newspapers nationwide. Like many other long-syndicated comic strips, The Lockhorns is a relic of a different era.